Stress’ Effect on the Teeth

Everyone knows that stress can have negative impacts on health. But on TEETH?! Really?

Yep, actually your mouth suffers under your stress.

  • Canker sores and fever blisters are triggered by stress. Those little whitish ulcers in the mouth are canker sores—they are not contagious, but if you’ve ever experienced one, you know that they are painful and embarrassing. Fever blisters are a virus that lives in the body—its call Herpes simplex and those out breaks are contagious. Fever blisters are triggered by stress and lack of sleep.
  • Good news: Laser treatment can make the healing process only take a few days for the ouchie to go away and only minutes for it to feel better.

  • Bruxism—or teeth grinding is often heightened because of stress. Bruxism means tooth grinding or clenching. It’s usually subconscious and people mostly do it when sleeping and stressed. Some people do it awake too. The problem is that this tooth abuse will wear down your molars and maybe even crack or fracture your teeth. It can also lead to a syndrome commonly called TMJ—which is pain in your jaw and can give you headaches.

    Good news: Laser treatment and anti-clenching devices can be recommended by Dentist Deborah Fung. The laser will relieve the pain in the jaw or head. She can custom make a guard for your mouth.

  • Bad oral hygiene can be a problem when stressed. It’s easy to stop seeing the dentist for regular check up when you’re stressed. It’s easy to eat all kinds of food that tastes good and feels good—but is bad for teeth. It also gets harder to take care of the everyday things like flossing and brushing when you’re really stressed. Moreover- dry mouth can be a hygiene issue associated with stress. Saliva helps prevent tooth decay. Some anti-depression or anti-stress medications have dry mouth as a side effect.

    Good news: Designing Smiles dental office makes it easy to schedule and our office is a stress-free, relaxing environment. Dry mouth can be treated. You’re not alone in your stress you have a whole team of people here that will tell you where your hygiene is working for you and where you can improve. Many major tooth problems can be prevented or minimally treated if detected early.

Everyone has stress in their lives. Some things like getting married or getting a better job can cause stress even if it is a positive thing. Never underestimate the cumulative effect of stress. Do your best to work through it. Get professional help if you need it. Be proactive on preventing the long term damage. Your teeth will thank you.