Deborah Fung D.D.S., M.A.G.D


At Designing Smiles, we are passionate about your dental health.  We are committed to using optimal technologies & materials, within a relaxing environment, to ensure the highest level of care.

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The way your smile looks and feels can make a BIG difference in your life. Therefore, your healthy and attractive smile is our main passion and your individual satisfaction is our ultimate goal. At Designing Smiles in Roseville, we use up-to-date dental technologies and the highest quality materials in a welcoming and relaxing environment, so you can get the smile you deserve and enjoy the process too!

Through interactive communication and attentive care, we strive to really get to know our patients. We want to learn about your personal needs, expectations, and budget for dental treatment so we can accommodate you and help you feel at ease. Our focus on patient comfort sets us apart, and we think you’ll notice the difference as soon as you visit us.

Dr. Deborah Fung

Dr. Deborah Fung

earned her dental degree with honors in 1992 from the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry.


Restorative Dentistry

Things that we take for granted with natural teeth – such as eating, talking, smiling, and laughing – can all become easier again with restorative dentistry. We can determine the best of several treatment options available to patients whose smiles need a second chance.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

A more beautiful smile can make life more beautiful. Studies have shown that a healthy and attractive smile can raise self-esteem, increase confidence, improve your personal as well as your professional life, and help you make better first impressions on others.

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Dental Implants

Many people who are missing teeth struggle with ill-fitting, uncomfortable dentures or retainers with false teeth. If you know what this feels like and are ready for a permanent solution, we have one for you! Implants can solve the practical and social problems associated with dentures.

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