What is “comprehensive dentistry”?

Our aim is to have all concerns and issues known—to us and to you—and hopefully resolved before an emergency. We want everyone to have healthy, attractive, and stable teeth and smiles. (Nobody likes a toothache or broken tooth, especially since they never happen at convenient times.) This means that we see patients for many reasons with many different needs. Our services range from routine preventive care to life changing restorative and cosmetic treatment, so we have something to offer everyone to address their personal chief concern and needs.

The second half of this equation is the development and fulfillment of ongoing maintenance plans. This minimizes the chance of original problems reoccurring. We will do everything we can to customize your maintenance plan based on your individual situation.

Maintaining good oral hygiene at home is important, but man cannot live by toothbrush alone. In-office exams are critical to keeping your smile clean and healthy. Your dental team has the ability to remove plaque your toothbrush can’t, which reduces your risk of tooth decay and gum disease. They can also use panoramic x-rays and intraoral cameras to monitor structures that aren’t so obvious to the naked eye.

Although preventive dentistry is fairly predictable, our goal is to have all issues and concerns known—to us and to you—in order to reduce your risk of dental emergencies. We want you to have a healthy and stable smile, but we also know that accidents happen. In a way, “comprehensive” care really refers to our commitment to the present and the future of your smile. Not only do we want to keep it healthy, we want to make it beautiful, and make it last.