I have crooked teeth, but I feel like metal braces are for kids. Are there other options?

Metal braces can be a hassle and can take between two to three years of treatment to fully realign your teeth. Advancements in orthodontics are helping adults fit braces into their lives and giving them the smiles they’ve always wanted.

One option is Invisalign®. The Invisalign system involves a series of custom-made plastic trays, called Aligners®, that are replaced every two weeks to straighten your teeth step by step. The trays are comfortable for the sensitive tissues of your gums and cheeks, and they’re conveniently removable so you can eat and brush your teeth normally. Because the trays are made from a transparent plastic material, Invisalign clear braces are hardly noticeable. If you don’t tell them, people might not even notice you’re wearing braces!

Another orthodontic solution is Six Month Smiles™, an accelerated program that gives you great results in less time than traditional braces. Six Month Smiles uses clear braces and thin, subtle wires to realign the teeth that show when you smile. Because they are not intended to completely change your bite, these braces use low force and do not have the risk of causing root or structural damage. The average treatment lasts only 4-9 months, and post-treatment, you will be fitted with a retainer to ensure the longevity of your straight, beautiful smile. Six Month Smiles is a conservative, inexpensive, and efficient way to get the smile you’ve always wanted.

These alternatives to metal braces are great options for patients with mild to moderately crowded teeth, widely spaced teeth, overbites, crossbites, and underbites. If you’re ready for straighter teeth, ask your dentist about your treatment possibilities. A beautiful new smile could be closer than you think!