Seal The Teeth

As a rule of thumb its important to take care of what you have. So even though baby teeth will eventually come out and be replaced by adult teeth. The baby teeth are important because they are hold spaces for the permanent teeth to move into.  So take care of those baby teeth!

Once those baby teeth come out, the permanent teeth with move into place. For the first molars, it can take between 12-18 months time between when it first pokes through until it is fully in place. Because

Seal the Teeth

these teeth move so slowly, it is at high risk. It’s probably not being reached by a tooth brush as the other teeth are “shielding” it from the bristles.  So in turn that new little tooth is trying to survive in an environment of plaque, food  bits, and an acidic PH level. By the time it does actually fully grow in–its too late for the brush. Maybe fluoride and good genes would have helped, but I’m going to suggest a better route: sealants. Everyone should have sealants.

New sealants called glass ionomers seal enamel and “contain fluoride and can recharge the fluoride via dentifrices and any topical source of fluoride.” Sealants will protect the enamel and keep the tooth healthy longer. This is one of the only ways those new little teeth have a fighting chance.

For additional research look at: Antonson D, Imagine a World Without Occlusal Caries: Are Glass Sealants the Answer, Oral Health, Dec 2012, Vol 102, No 12, pg 31-36

by: Marija Ugstad